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9 Best Toddler & Kids Golf Club Sets (2024 Reviews)

9 Best Toddler & Kids Golf Club Sets (2024 Reviews)
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Golf is one of the world’s most beloved past times. If you’re an avid golfer, you probably can’t wait to get a club in your kid or toddler’s hands. After all, Tiger Woods (and many pros) started playing golf as a tot. Whether you’re raising a future PGA star or you’re trying to instill the idea of sportsmanship from a young age, golf is a great sport to start with. A little golf set can help your toddler learn many important skills that they will continue to use throughout their life. As early as 18 months old, your little one can begin to build self-confidence, discipline, patience and control.

The Best Toddler & Kids Golf Club Sets

  • 1. Meland Kids Golf Club Set

    (Best For All-In-One Play – $)

    Why it’s great: The Meland Kids Golf Club Set has everything included for a fun day of golf play. We love the fun colors throughout this set! Everywhere you look there is a bright and exciting color that catches your attention. We also love that the set comes with multiple golf balls. Our little ones love to hit the balls and then go collect them all at one time. More balls mean they get to practice their swing a little bit longer. Our favorite part of this set has to be the golf bag. It has an adjustable handle which means it will grow with your child as they get taller. The bag also rolls easily and is quite big. My little ones have been adding a towel and golf gloves to their set and there’s plenty of room to spare. The set comes with movable holes with flags so your little one can practice putting. We’re also thrilled that the balls fit on the front of the golf bag. There’s no digging through to the bottom of the bag to find the balls. This set really does have everything you need and my little toddlers are absolutely crazy for it!

    Keep in mind: This set is perfect for ages 18 months to three years but older than that might find the clubs too short for real practice.

    Good for: Made for children age 2 to 6, but an absolutely perfect size for a toddler.

    Meland Kids Golf Club Set

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  • 2. Merchants Tour X

    (Best for Little Pros – $$$)

    Why it’s great: If you are looking for a truly kick-butt golf set this is the one. It is sized for kids under 5 and provides your little one with the most realistic option to practice his or her drive on. It comes with metal clubs, including: one oversized driver, one perimeter weighted hybrid, one heel-toe weighted putter and an amazingly grown up carry bag with 3 plastic golf balls. They will feel super special practicing on a “real life” golf set. If your kiddo loves pink check out this super fun version which also has left-handed options.

    Keep in mind: It’s metal, so best for outdoor practice.

    Good for: The next Dustin Johnson.

    Merchants Tour X

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  • 3. Little Tikes Clearly Sports Golf

    (Fun At Any Age – $)

    Why it’s great: We love this little introductory golf set because it’s super colorful and all-inclusive. The club is a clear tube that holds the balls. Your kid can push a little trigger to release the balls. Then, they can hit the ball from the tee into a big hole. When they’re ready to pick up the balls they just push down on the ball but they can also load the balls manually through the side if that is easier. It honestly takes a second to teach your toddler how it works, then they will eventually get the hang of playing with and mastering this toy. My smallest one actually just likes to put the balls in and out and in and out, keeping her quite entertained. This toy is also especially fun for older siblings and even teenagers.

    Keep in mind: This set can be a bit bulky to swing for smaller tots. Also, keep in mind that the ball shoots pretty fast off the tee. So you may want to remove the tee for indoor play.

    Good for: Recommended for ages 2 through 15, but is great fun for all ages.

    Little Tikes Clearly Sports Golf

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  • 4. Plan Games Mini Golf- Full Set

    (Best Non-Toxic Wooden Option – $$)

    Why it’s great: This set makes my chemical-free loving heart flutter. It’s non-toxic and all colors are made with veggie dye. It’s wonderful for families who shy away from plastic but feel the Merchants Tour X is a bit to professional for their little one. It comes with 2 wooden kids-sized golf clubs, 2 wooden balls, 3 different types of challenging tracks and 1 hole with a simple carrying bag. It’s a perfect addition to any playroom.

    Keep in mind: The balls are wood not plastic, so tots should be careful when swinging in the house.

    Good for: Parents who love non-toxic, sustainable products.

    Plan Games Mini Golf- Full Set

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  • 5. Blasland Kids Golf Toys Set

    (Super Innovative Find – $)

    Why it’s great: This ultimate driving set is perfect for the avid mini-golfer. It really focuses on letting the child be in control of the activity and helps them gain a ton of confidence with their swing. With such a cool and innovative design, it’s sure to foster a love for golf in your wee one. We love that it comes with a ball feeder that’s controlled by our tiny one’s foot. After they hit a ball off of the tee, they can easily load another one completely hands-free. They love that they can have many attempts before having to round up their balls. That’s definitely their favorite part!

    We also love that the set is durable and easy-to-assemble. The golf activity is also great fun for any age and we have used it many times at family gatherings and parties. It would also be a super fun addition to a golf-themed birthday party.

    Keep in mind: The golf set is made for right-handed golfers. It’s recommended for outdoor or inside use but if you’ve got a good little golfer, we suggest playing outside only. Also, the clubs are made of metal so you’ll have to watch your toddler when they swing.

    Good for: Anyone 24 months of age and up!

    Blasland Kids Golf Toys Set

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  • 6. Gator Golf!

    (Most Entertaining – $)

    Why it’s great: Gator Golf spits the balls back out at you! Any toddler will have a blast trying to get the balls into the gator’s mouth and chase them after they are popped back into the air. This game helps build hand eye coordination and spacial skills. And it will keep your tot (and you!) laughing and having fun. It comes with a fun flamingo putter, the gator and four multicolored plastic balls. It’s the perfect way to introduce the concept of golf without it being too serious.

    Keep in mind: Best for toddlers ages 3 and up.

    Good for: A competitive fun game that builds early golfing skills.

    Gator Golf!

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  • 7. Uarzt Soft Foam Golf Set

    (Best Foam Option – $)

    Why it’s great: The Uarzt Soft Foam Golf Set is such a great set for kiddos that are really excited about playing the sport. The clubs are made from lightweight foam which is easy on the hands and holds up extremely well when left outside. The clubs come in extremely fun, mix-matched colors. When ordering, we were afraid that the bottom of the clubs would be made from foam and keep the ball from traveling far. But it turns out, the bottom is made of a durable plastic which works well for longer shots. The bright-colored balls are also easy-to-find. (We lose them a lot!) Our kids especially love that the hole and flag are made from the fun foam too. The hole is small enough to be challenging for older preschoolers and is a fun start for a lifelong love of golf. It’s also a great set for practice play alongside adults or a sibling.

    Keep in mind: This is foam padded set of clubs.

    Good for: Recommended for 1 month and up and work very well for ages 3+ as well.

    Uarzt Soft Foam Golf Set

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  • 8. ToyVelt Kids Golf Club Set

    (Most Like Dad – $)

    Why it’s great: The ToyVelt Kids Golf Club Set is such a fun and colorful adaptation of real golf clubs. We love how the little bag looks just like Daddy’s golf set. There are 11 awesome pieces in this set that help your child foster a love of the sport. With two different holes that have little flags, our kiddos get great practice at their hand and eye coordination. They also love to pick out their own special color to use. We really love that the set is lightweight and easy to carry with us on trips. It’s also very easy to move this set from inside to outside. This multi-set piece is a great option for beginners or for those little ones trying to move up to a tougher hole size. And as parents, we love that the clubs are light-weight so everyone can play without injury.

    Keep in mind: These clubs can break after rough play. Also the clubs have twist-on bottoms.

    Good for: Recommended for ages 3 to 5 but many have been purchased successfully for growing two-year-olds.

    ToyVelt Kids Golf Club Set

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  • 9. Little Tikes TotSports Easy Hit Golf Set

    (Best Value – $)

    Why it’s great: The Little Tikes TotSports Easy Hit Golf Set is the perfect starter set for a brand new golfer. It’s lightweight, easy to roll and can easily transition from inside to outside. We love that the clubs are easy for the little ones to swing and that the balls are just a bit bigger than a normal golf ball. This allows our tiny putters to practice their swing and hand-eye coordination. We also love that the hole is a separate item that can be placed anywhere you want to play. The clubs will work for both a right or left-handed golfer. It’s also larger than other practice golf holes so your child can gain confidence by actually getting the ball in the hole. Altogether, the set weighs 4 pounds and every item is easy for your tot to tote. They’ll really love playing with this set and might just carry the little golf bag everywhere they want to go. Thankfully, it’s super easy to transport to grandma’s house and back.

    The little golf set is also made of super durable plastic and works well whether stored inside or outside. Coming from such a renowned and respected brand ensures that you get the long-lasting and safe play you’re hoping for.

    Keep in mind: You will need a screwdriver and patience for assembly.

    Good for: Little learners from 12 months to 6 years, though taller preschoolers may find the clubs a bit short.

    Little Tikes TotSports Easy Hit Golf Set

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Best Overall

Meland Kids Golf Club Set

The Meland Kids Golf Club Set is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

Meland Kids Golf Club Set

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FAQ’s about Toddler & Kids Golf Sets

  • 1. Can a 3-year-old play golf?

    Absolutely! In fact, you can start practicing golf with your child as early as 18 months of age. Golf is a great sport to start with because it teaches hand and eye coordination which is an extremely important skill for this age group. Just make sure that you encourage your child to have fun and that you have a golf set designed specifically for their size and age.

  • 2. Which golf clubs do kids need?

    According to the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA), many parents try to cut down adult size clubs for their child to practice with. The PGA says this can be a crucial error since the clubs aren’t designed for their smaller stature and may throw off a child’s swing. This balance error can take years to undo. Instead, make sure to get an age-appropriate set of clubs that are lightweight and easy to swing so that you can concentrate on technique through the beginning years.

  • 3. Can you take a toddler golfing?

    Some littles will love the game of golf from the get-go and they’ll easily have the patience it takes to trek across nine holes. Other kiddos may not be ready until closer to middle school. Depending on your child’s readiness level, you may be able to take them with you for a day of golfing. Some golf courses are great about including your child in the process and may even supply them with a golf hat and complimentary bottle of Gatorade. Just make sure to do your research before showing up for a day of golf. Some courses might have restrictions on the age of the players for safety reasons or to ensure quicker tee times for senior players. No matter the policy, most courses will provide “family-tee” days where you can bring along everyone for a fun day of golf. If all else fails, putt-putt golf is a great way to keep kids engaged while still practicing.

  • 4. What age are junior golf clubs for?

    Junior clubs are made for all ages from birth through the teenage years. They are different than regular clubs because they are adjusted in size and weight to accommodate smaller statures and skill levels. As you begin to transition from beginner clubs to your first set of metal clubs, the PGA recommends professional junior sets like Accu-Length or US Kids Golf sets to ensure proper measurement.

  • 5. What age do most professional golfers start?

    Most professional golfers, like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Michelle Wie, all started before they began school. You can begin to teach your child golf starting at 18 months of age. Just keep in mind, that beginning golf should be about having fun not about raising the next PGA star.

  • 6. What age should kids start golfing?

    It’s never too early to foster a love for sports and for golf. Your child can begin to learn the rules of golf as early as 18 months old all the way through the teenage years. Most golf schools will begin taking students at age 3 and many courses will allow children to play nine holes starting at age 8.


Your child will love to learn about the game of golf. With little clubs that are just the right size, they’ll gain the confidence needed to go further in the sport. Golf is particularly important to start at a young age because the more you practice your technique, the better you’ll become. Plus, little ones love everything about hitting a ball into a hole.

Give your tiny ones the tools to succeed (and a great set of practice clubs!) and watch how far they’ll be able to go. Remember that when you teach your children how to play a sport, you’re also teaching them vital life lessons that they will carry with them throughout their entire life.