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5 Best Oklahoma Pet Insurance for Dogs & Cats (2024 Reviews)

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Our four-legged companions – loyal, engaging, sometimes naughty, rarely boring. They become members of our family and enrich our lives in many ways. As caring pet owners, you’re here to learn more about pet insurance and how you can use it to give your dog or cat a long, healthy life.

Pets can get into situations, though, that end up being costly, or a disease suddenly strikes them. These moments are stressful for you and your pet but they don’t have to be. Pet insurance is a financial buffer for medical emergencies. We’re here to share information with you about the 5 best pet insurance companies for Oklahoma residents.

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Boston terrier exploring the tall grass :)

5 Top Dog & Cat Insurance Companies Compared for Oklahoma

  • 1. Lemonade

    (Best overall)

    Why it’s great: Ranking best overall for their complete accident and illness coverage, Lemonade has affordable rates and excellent wellness care packages to add to a policy. They also have a 2 day accident waiting period whereas most companies require 14 days. Lemonade has a world class app that makes it quick and easy to submit claims with their user-friendly filing system. If you have a homeowner’s or renter’s policy with them, you can bundle it with pet insurance for a discount.

    Keep in mind: Lemonade may require documentation of your dog or cat’s medical history before starting your policy if your pet is older or has pre-existing conditions.

    Good for: Most pets out there, particularly if they are young and healthy. 

    Average price for DOGS in Oklahoma: $20.67 per month 

    Average price for CATS in Oklahoma: $11.00 per month


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  • 2. Wagmo

    (Best for wellness)

    Why it’s great: Once you meet your annual deductible, Wagmo will take care of vet fees up to 100% for the rest of the year. Those reimbursements are turned around quickly, too, with direct deposit, PayPal or Venmo. They have a variety of wellness plan add-ons and discounts for multiple pets. As a bonus, you’ll get a discount when it comes time to renew your policy if you have no claims in the previous year. Wagmo can be used at any licensed vet so you can even keep the one your pet already loves.

    Keep in mind: There is a maximum amount of money they will reimburse over the lifetime of your pet. The payout limit is $100,000 and coverage will end if you reach it.

    Good for: Pet parents who would like the option to have medical coverage and routine care combined in one plan. 

    Average price for DOGS in Oklahoma: $40.24 per month 

    Average price for CATS in Oklahoma: $24.51 per month


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  • 3. Figo

    (Best for cats)

    Why it’s great: Cat parents are going to really like that Figo offers some of the lowest monthly premiums for cat insurance. They also understand that not all medical emergencies occur during “normal business hours.” Figo has live 24/7 veterinary support through their mobile app. You can add wellness care options to a basic policy, including a package that pays for up to $250 worth of veterinary prescribed food. There is no maximum lifetime payout amount unlike other providers, so coverage should last your pet into their golden years.

    Keep in mind: Figo does not cover pre-existing conditions so all of their benefits are for new ailments.

    Good for: The security of knowing you can reach a veterinarian 24/7 as part of your insurance. 

    Average price for DOGS in Oklahoma: $26.21 per month 

    Average price for CATS in Oklahoma: $13.24 per month


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  • 4. Pawp

    (Best for pre-existing conditions)

    Why it’s great: Pawp will protect up to 6 of your pets under their emergency fund, regardless of their age, breed, or pre-existing conditions. The fund also gives you unlimited 24/7 access to telehealth services with licensed vets or consultations with pet experts. You can keep using the same beloved veterinarian as long as they’re licensed. The office visit won’t require copays, deductibles or a credit check, and you’ll leave with your bill paid off.

    Keep in mind: The visit to the vet needs to be pre-approved by Pawp’s virtual vets and considered an emergency. The emergency fund itself only covers one pet for a single vet bill up to $3,000 per year.

    Good for: Pawp’s plan may make a good supplement to a typical pet insurance policy, or used for older pets or ones with pre-existing conditions. 

    Price: $24 per month for either dogs or cats 


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  • 5. Embrace

    (Best established brand)

    Why it’s great: Embrace will cover your pets in their senior years as the payouts are limitless thanks to no maximum on reimbursement claims. For every year you do not have any reimbursements, your annual deductible will reduce by $50 in what they like to call “diminishing deductibles.” Multiple pets will net you a discount as well. If you foresee needing spay/neuter procedures, Embrace has an optional routine care plan that will cover it. Another one of their wellness packages includes alternative veterinary treatments like reiki, massage therapy, acupuncture and chiropractor visits.

    Keep in mind: Only pets up to age 14 are eligible for Embrace’s plans. The maximum combined claims for the wellness add-on is $650/year, adding up to a little bit of annual savings, too.

    Good for: Those seeking alternative, new-age style of veterinary care. 

    Average price for DOGS in Oklahoma: $37.61 per month 

    Average price for CATS in Oklahoma: $21.96 per month


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Best Overall


Lemonade is our overall top recommendation. It’s the most comprehensive pet insurance provider in Oklahoma and they also offer the best value.

Average price for DOGS in Oklahoma: $20.67 per month 

Average price for CATS in Oklahoma: $11.00 per month


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FAQs about Pet Insurance in Oklahoma

  • 1. What does pet insurance typically cover for dogs and cats?

    Pet insurance coverage can be slightly different depending on the plan and the provider. Your policy will specifically list the benefits but in general insurance is for new accidents and illnesses. This could mean surgery, hospitalization, MRIs, x-rays, diagnostic tests, blood work, prescription medication, dental trauma, or chemotherapy.

  • 2. How much does pet insurance cost in Oklahoma?

    Pet insurance in Oklahoma costs anywhere from $11.98 to $36.14 per month for dogs (based on prices for a healthy 2-year-old located in the 73049 zip code). And anywhere from $11.19 to $13.96 per month for cats (based on prices for a healthy 2-year-old located in the 73049 zip code). Prices can vary greatly depending on your zip code, the breed of your pet, its age, and medical history.

    We recommend getting a quote from Lemonade who we’ve seen consistently offer the lowest prices and best coverage out of any other provider.

  • 3. Can I cancel my pet insurance plan after I make a claim?

    You can usually cancel your pet insurance plan at any time though many will ask for it in writing. It’s good to be familiar with your policy’s cancellation process in case there are extra fees or steps you are required to do. If you decide to cancel, if your pet was diagnosed or treated for any medical reasons prior to the cancellation, the provider may consider those pre-existing conditions if you should reinstate the policy at a later date.

  • 4. Do Oklahoma pet insurance companies cover spay/neuter?

    Almost all Oklahoma pet insurance companies will not cover spay/neuter under a basic policy. However, a few companies like Embrace have wellness options that cover it, and they can be added to your policy.

  • 5. Does the cost of insurance increase as my pet ages?

    As your cat or dog grows older, they are more susceptible to injuries and the likelihood of getting sick increases, too. Insurance companies need to balance the risk of covering pets into their senior years against the cost to do so. Because of this, you will typically start to see your monthly premiums go up when your pet reaches 4 or 5 years old.

  • 6. Which companies cover pre-existing conditions?

    As long as it’s an emergency, Pawp doesn’t even evaluate pre-existing conditions when it comes time to care for your pet. Embrace also may extend coverage to curable pre-existing conditions but check the policy terms up front before purchasing.

  • 7. Is dog or cat insurance worth it in Oklahoma?

    Is dog or cat insurance worth it in Oklahoma?
    Cats are curious and dogs can be mischievous so inevitably they are going to get into and upto things that may land them at the vet’s office. And your pets may fall ill over their lifetime which can be stressful and expensive. Pet insurance is a financial buffer to help anticipate the costs of pet ownership and allow you to focus on quality time with your pet.

  • 8. What are some strategies to keep my pet safe in Oklahoma?

    Preparing for the severe weather of an Oklahoma spring will help keep your pets safe. Loud noises from thunderstorms or tornadoes can scare pets, causing them to run off. It’s always a good idea to have your pet registered according to local ordinances and wear a collar and tag with their name and your contact information should they get lost. Vaccines are necessary if your pet spends a lot of time outdoors, and your local vet can advise you on which vaccinations your pet should have according to their lifestyle. Your city or township may require some like the rabies vaccine.

    Facing the frigid temps of winter, you can plan ahead by keeping a 3-sided shelter outside if your pet lives primarily there. All pets should have access to cool, clean water so check to make sure it hasn’t frozen. Wipe off their tails, ears and paws before they come inside as they have walked through salts and chemicals on the roads.


We hope this article has given you some insight into the different pet insurance options available. Take some time to review the plans and optional wellness packages to see what would fit the needs of you and your pet. Buying the right coverage in the case of emergencies and routine care will serve you well over the lifetime of your pet and help keep them happy and healthy for years to come.

In our experience, after careful review, we’ve consistently seen Lemonade has the best combination of coverage and price.

Note: Our prices listed above are accurate in January 2022 and may change at any time. Please get a quote for your pet on one of the recommended websites for the most accurate monthly costs. These prices are based on a Labrador Retriever dog and American Shorthair cat located in the 73049 zipcode. We chose a $500 deductible and 90% reimbursement amount for each policy we reviewed (except for Pawp). The annual benefit amount we selected for each provider is as follows:

  • Wagmo = $20,000
  • Figo = $5,000
  • Pawp = $3,000
  • Embrace = $5,000
  • Lemonade = $20,000