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11 Best Nursing Bras for Large Busts (2024 Reviews)

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Moms don’t just need spousal and familial support. We need it from our bras, too! Our breasts are constantly changing during pregnancy as our bodies prepare to supply milk for our baby. After birth, we still experience several bust changes. If you have large breasts, you face even more unique fitting challenges.

This time of a mother’s life is challenging enough without having to scour the entire internet to find what you need. Whether you’re nursing, pumping, or trying to stay comfortable or active during this time, we’ve put together a list of the 11 best bras for large busts.

The Best Nursing Bras for Large Busts

  • 1. Gratlin Sports Racerback Nursing Bra

    (Best sports bra — $)

    Why it’s great: Gratlin’s plus size maternity bra collection comes in nine colors, including black, white, and more distinct colors, such as blue mist gray, glow, and clove. This bra is suited for more active moms who are still nursing. When it’s time to breastfeed or pump, you can pull down the front straps on either side and it’s easy to hook it back up when you’re done with just one hand. A sports bra with a racerback design, full figure cups, wide under-band and straps, and a wireless elastic band is what moms need to feel great all day and night. The cotton’s breathability and stretch make it ideal, no matter what you’re doing.

    Keep in mind: Size ranges from small (32DD) to 5X large (48E). Users advise getting a size or two larger than the manufacturer’s recommendation.

    Good for: Active breastfeeding mothers.

    Gratlin Sports Racerback Nursing Bra

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  • 2. Playtex Women’s Maternity Nursing Seamless Wirefree Full Coverage Bra

    (Most options — $$)

    Why it’s great: Not only is this bra seamless and wire-free, making it exceptionally comfortable, it also comes in multiple colors! Playtex uses materials that are meant to help keep you cool all day long. Plus, the fabric is double lined and has 4-way stretch, to accommodate your changing size when nursing. The straps are fully adjustable and have an easy to use clip to pull down for nursing. The cups have knit in support zones and the straps have inner side slings to keep you supported while nursing.

    Keep in mind: While the size chart says it only goes up to DD cup sizes, reviewers said the 3X fits a size H cup.

    Good for: Women that want a nursing bra that comes in multiple colors.

    Playtex Women’s Maternity

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  • 3. Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Seamless Nursing Bra

    (Most comfortable — $$$)

    Why it’s great: Kindred Bravely specializes in nursing bras and this is one of their most popular. It is made of nylon and spandex, which is super soft and comfortable. It’s also very stretchy and will continue to fit as you change sizes. This bra is seamless and wireless, with plenty of support, to provide maximum comfort, hence the name ‘sublime’. The hook and eye closure are easy to undo and re-hook, making nursing a breeze. It also comes with removable padding for comfort and modesty. The straps are adjustable and it has a regular hook closure on the back.

    Keep in mind: Make sure to check their sizing chart for recommendations and follow their guidelines for the best fit and comfort.

    Good for: Moms that want the most comfortable nursing bra.

    Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Seamless Nursing Bra

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  • 4. iloveSIA Nursing Bra

    (Best value — $$)

    Why it’s great: Bras can get quite expensive. How about a three-pack for the price of one? iloveSIA’s wireless, seamless bra is made with a four-way stretchable fabric that comes in various colors per set. Unlock the clip of either side of the adjustable soft straps with one hand when you’re ready to feed. These are also comfortable for maternity wear. Fitting is easy because of the hook and eye closure. The cups are molded to create a natural shape under any wardrobe item. The band, sling design, U-shaped back, molded cups, and removable inserts provide all-around support, lift, and breathability.

    Keep in mind: The sizes range from small (30ABC) to 2XL (42DD). The padding moves around for some moms, but you can always use your own.

    Good for: Moms who want great value without sacrificing convenience.

    iloveSIA Nursing Bra

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  • 5. Kindred Bravely Organic Cotton Wireless Bra

    (Most accommodating — $$)

    Why it’s great: If you’re having a difficult time finding the right size, Kindred created this line of exclusive large bust sized bras for moms E and up in five cute colors. The spandex fabric expands as needed in the cups, while the elastic band holds your bust in place. No matter your frame or torso, you’ll likely find one that suits your size. This bra is made of soft organic cotton, making it smooth and soft on your skin. It has no wiring, which means relief from discomfort when performing daily activities and sleeping. When you’re ready, pull any side down for one-handed breastfeeding.

    Keep in mind: This bra may not be as budget-friendly for some moms, but it’s a great item to add to your baby registry. Hand wash and line dry to keep from overstretching in the wash. Sized small (30B) to XL-Busty (I-42).

    Good for: Lightly active mothers who desire a lot of comfort and those who experience breast size fluctuations.

    Kindred Bravely Organic Cotton Wireless Bra

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  • 6. CALVENA Women’s Full Sling Lightly Padded Underwire Maternity Nursing Bra

    (Most stylish — $)

    Why it’s great: This is one of the few nursing bras that looks just like a normal bra, including beautiful lace trim along the top of the cups. This bra has lightly padded cups and is made of a breathable fabric to keep you cool. It has an underwire for support and offers great coverage. The straps are adjustable and feature an easy-to-use clip for nursing. It also has extra clasps in the back, offering a better fit and extra support. It comes in multiple colors, so you’ll easily be able to find one that works for you.

    Keep in mind: This one does have an underwire, which is great for support, but not quite as comfortable.

    Good for: Moms that want to feel normal and confident in a stylish nursing bra.

    CALVENA Women’s Full Sling Maternity Nursing Bra

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  • 7. CAKYE 3 Pack Maternity Bra

    (Most affordable — $)

    Why it’s great: CAKYE’s nursing and sleep cotton bras come in a value pack of 3, with 16 different color combinations! It’s a breeze to put on as it’s made to be pulled on and off, without the hassle of hooks and clasps. These stretchy bras pull down easily for nursing and they’re soft and stretchable for daily wear. The comfort is enhanced thanks to its wire-free, front cross over, and u-back design. You can even insert breast pads to prevent leaks.

    Keep in mind: Sizes range from 32DD to 40D. Most moms recommend buying a size up. Line dry to keep the shape from stretching.

    Good for: Moms on a budget.

    CAKYE 3 Pack Maternity Bra

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  • 8. Sublime Busty Hands Free Pumping Bra

    (Most useful — $$$)

    Why it’s great: This is another nursing bra from Kindred Bravely, so you know it’s going to be comfortable and easy to use. On top of that, this one has an extra layer and clip that allows you to pump completely hand-free. It fits all standard flange pumps, so it’s compatible with most brands. Plus, you can pump both sides at one time, or pump one side while nursing on the other! It’s made with the usual nylon and spandex blend you’ll find in most of their products, which means it is soft against your and your baby’s skin. It offers plenty of support and ranges in size from 30B to 44I.

    Keep in mind: The straps may dig in a little bit while pumping because of the extra weight, but otherwise they’re very comfortable.

    Good for: Moms who may need to pump on the go.

    Sublime Busty Hands Free Pumping Bra

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  • 9. Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Bra

    (Most convenient — $$)

    Why it’s great: For moms who don’t want the hassle of hooks, clasps, or snaps, this award-winning pull-on bra was created for you. With six colors to choose from, you can nurse and sleep in this cozy, x-cross designed bra. Simply pull any side of the bra aside to breastfeed any time of day. The soft cotton fabric provides comfort and it adapts to the shape of the ever-changing bust as you feed your growing baby. Breast pads stay in place, too, to reduce leaks.

    Keep in mind: Sizes range from x-small to xx-large, including busts from E to I. There is no padding in this bra, but it works well with breast pads. There is limited support, so it’s best for sedentary or lightly active mothers. You may need to order a size up for a more accurate fit.

    Good for: Moms who are sensitive to irritating fabrics and those who need an easy on and off bra.

    Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Bra

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  • 10. DotVol Women’s Maternity Nursing Bras

    (Best budget option — $)

    Why it’s great: This bra has everything you need in a nursing bra at an affordably low price. It is made of polyamide and spandex for ultimate comfort, softness, and stretch. It comes in multiple colors and you can choose the cute criss cross style or a seamless design. It has wide straps and an underwire to provide maximum support and coverage. Plus, it includes the easy to use clip for nursing. It offers cup sizes ranging from B to H and band sizes from 32 to 46.

    Keep in mind: The cup doesn’t come down quite as far as some of the others, so it will take a little more navigating to get your baby in place for nursing.

    Good for: Moms on a budget that need full support.

    DotVol Women’s Maternity Nursing Bras

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  • 11. Pump Strap Hands-Free Pumping Bra

    (Best strapless — $$$)

    Why it’s great: For the moms out there who need to pump on the go, Pump Strap is an excellent option. The hands-free strap allows you to multitask while you pump, something moms are always doing. Select from five options, including beautiful colors like turquoise and hot pink. This bra comes highly rated by Lactation Specialists. It’s hassle-free because you can use the pump strap by itself or with any nursing bra or top. Its opening for pumping goes on and off quickly and it fits well because of its adjustable straps.
    Pump both breasts at the same time or pump one while you feed on the other. It’s suitable for all phases of maternity and will last because of its durable design. Save time by using the compression to pump a little or a lot.

    Keep in mind: Comes in two sizes, for A-DD and DD+. It pairs well with many well-known electric single and double pumps. It’s recommended for machine wash and hang dry to increase longevity.

    Good for: Mothers who need to pump on the go.

    Pump Strap Hands-Free Pumping Bra

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FAQs about Nursing Bras

  • 1. Should I get a nursing bra or maternity bra?

    Nursing bra and maternity bra are interchangeable terms. Specifically, maternity wear is typically stretchable for pregnancy when your size is changing. Nursing clothes are geared towards postpartum and it’s conveniently made for feeding purposes.
    If you’re pregnant, you will need a nursing bra whether you plan to breastfeed, bottle feed, pump, or any combination of those mentioned above. Your breasts are changing in size to produce milk, and a nursing bra provides comfort for your new bust size fluctuations. Regular bra cups aren’t flexible, and they often come with some challenges you don’t want to deal with during postpartum. A nursing bra is designed to meet and overcome these obstacles.

  • 2. When should I get a nursing bra?

    You’ll most likely end up getting a bra at least two times. During pregnancy, you’ll need a maternity bra to accommodate your expanding breasts and ribcage. We suggest getting one or more nursing bras during the latter part of the third trimester before the baby is born. Some moms may need more after the baby is born because their size changes again!

  • 3. What features should I look for in a nursing bra?

    Consider what kinds of bras you already wear and what you like or don’t like. These feelings will be amplified. If you hate underwires, it’ll be more bothersome. If you love cotton bras, you’ll love them even more. Think about whether you’ll want something you can just pull down or if you’re okay with using a clip.

  • 4. How many nursing bras will I need?

    Get at least two bras. You’ll need one on while one is in the wash. Three is ideal because you’ll be dealing with throw-ups, leaks, sweat, and other unforeseen situations, too. It’s great to plan ahead and have a backup.

  • 5. How do I get the perfect fit when buying online?

    There isn’t a one size fits all guide. Almost all bra sellers have a size chart guide for you to follow. Use it to determine your size by measuring over and under your bust. Keep in mind most moms need to buy one bust and back size above chart recommendations.

  • 6. Do I care for my nursing bras differently?

    To keep the integrity of your nursing bra for the next few months (years for some!), the best practice requires you to wash your bras by hand and hang dry them. It will take some of your precious time to hand wash, but consider washing your bras while you shower. If you must machine wash, a lingerie bag will help your bra’s longevity.


Nursing bras are essential for moms everywhere. The constant changing of our breasts and ribs during pregnancy requires clothing that’s adaptable beyond what we’re used to. After birth, you’ll still deal with constant bust size changes due to the fluxes in milk production and consumption. You’ll need something functional based on your needs, be it nursing, pumping, or both. Our comprehensive list and helpful FAQ should get you set up for whatever bust shape your experience takes. Happy nursing!