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7 Best Kids’ Pianos for Learning & Fun (2024 Reviews)

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If your child is musically inclined and you’re looking for an instrument that they can learn at home, you may want to consider getting your child a piano or keyboard. Not only will your child have a blast making music, but it’s also quite educational and has many different benefits.

Pianos are expensive, though, and if you don’t know if your child is really interested in playing, you may want to consider buying a digital piano or a scaled-down version. This will allow you to figure out if your child has potential and enjoys the instrument. There are hundreds of options, from toys to full-size pianos, so how do you know which to buy?

I’ve gathered up the 7 best kids’ pianos to help you find the one that suits your child’s needs the best.

The Best Kids’ Pianos

  • 1. RockJam Keyboard Piano w/ Touch Display Kit

    (Most fun — $$$)

    Why it’s great: This 61 key electronic keyboard is loaded with features that’ll have your child playing for hours. It has an LCD screen that shows your child exactly what settings they’re using. It also has a teaching mode that shows your child which keys to press to play along with the demo songs. It comes with 30 demo songs, 200 rhythms, and 200 different piano sounds, providing your child with plenty of variety and allowing them to be creative and make their own music. It comes with a stand that’s adjustable in height, a padded seat, headphones, and a power supply. It can also be used with batteries.

    Keep in mind: The default keyboard volume is loud, and you have to readjust it every time you turn it on.

    Good for: Kids who want a keyboard piano with tons of different tones and sounds for variety.

    RockJam Keyboard Piano w/ Touch Display Kit

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  • 2. BAOLI 49 Keys Piano Keyboard Toy with Microphone for Kids

    (Best for younger kids — $)

    Why it’s great: This is a great little piano keyboard for kids who are young enough to need more of a toy version, but old enough to start learning some of the basics of playing an instrument. It has 49 keys, which is the minimum needed to imitate two-handed play. It also has 8 music instruments, 8 rhythms, 8 drums, 22 demo songs, LED control, record and guide functions, tempo control, auto-off, and a power-saving function. Your child will love singing into the microphone and it comes with a headset, so your little one can play all day without disturbing everyone else.

    Keep in mind: This is meant for younger kids starting at three years old, so your child may outgrow it quickly.

    Good for: Parents who want to see if their younger kids are interested in playing the piano.

    BAOLI 49 Keys Piano Keyboard Toy with Microphone for Kids

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  • 3. Goplus Classical Kids Piano

    (Best for toddlers — $$)

    Why it’s great: This cute little baby grand piano was designed just for toddlers. It has 30 keys, which is the perfect size for little hands and fingers up to age seven. It has a beautiful design and every edge is rounded for safety. The lid even has safety hinges, so you don’t have to worry about your child smashing their fingers when they get curious and play with it. It also comes with a hardwood bench and music stand, so your little one will be all ready to go. Your toddler will love playing their own music on this little piano and you’ll love that this toy is an affordable price.

    Keep in mind: This is best for toddlers and it’s a toy, so the sound quality isn’t the best.

    Good for: Toddlers ages 3 to 7 years old who love making music.

    Goplus Classical Kids Piano

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  • 4. Digital Piano Kids Keyboard

    (Best budget option — $)

    Why it’s great: This is a great choice for families that want a large keyboard for their child at an affordable price. It has 61 keys and features multiple rhythms and tones, allowing your child to get creative in their playing. It also comes with a songbook that will help to teach your child how to play and a microphone, so your little one can sing along. It’s the perfect size for kids ages five and up, and even works for adults who want to make their own music.

    Keep in mind: This is a very basic keyboard, so it’s not as good of quality as most of the others on the list.

    Good for: Families on a budget that want a piano keyboard for their child.

    Digital Piano Kids Keyboard

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  • 5. Best Choice Products 61-Key Beginners Complete Electronic Keyboard Piano Set

    (Best set — $$$)

    Why it’s great: This keyboard piano comes with everything your child needs to get started. You’ll get the keyboard with 61 keys, a stand, stool, headphones, built-in speakers, stickers, and an LCD screen. It has 50 demo songs with three different teaching modes, so your child can use the one that works best for them. The keys light up, so your little one will know exactly what they’re doing and recognize any mistakes they make. It even has a USB port, so your child can play along with their favorite songs from another device. This is perfect for kids who have a music app with piano lessons since the music stand can hold up an iPad or other device.

    Keep in mind: This is a great beginner set for older kids, but it may be more difficult for kids under 10 to learn the demo songs.

    Good for: Older kids who want to learn to play some songs.

    Best Choice Products 61-Key Beginners Complete Electronic Keyboard Piano Set

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  • 6. WOSTOO Electric Keyboard Piano for Kids

    (Best for girls — $$)

    Why it’s great: This adorable keyboard is a great choice for little girls who love pink. It features 61 keys, multiple tones, sounds, and rhythms, and comes with 50 built-in demo songs. The keys light up with the songs, making it easy for your little one to follow along. Your child will love the USB and AUX ports that allow them to plug in other devices so they can play along to all their favorite songs or follow along on teaching apps. It also comes with a microphone that your child can plug in to sing along with their music. It has a rechargeable lithium battery that allows your child to play for up to 10 hours between charges.

    Keep in mind: While this does have 61 keys (perfect for beginners) it does sound more like a toy than a real piano.

    Good for: Girls who want a pink piano keyboard.

    WOSTOO Electric Keyboard Piano for Kids

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  • 7. LAGRIMA Digital Piano, 88 Keys Electric Keyboard Piano

    (Most realistic — $$$$)

    Why it’s great: This is basically a mini-piano. It has the full 88 weighted keys, just like a regular piano. It also has foot pedals and is designed as a more compact version of a piano. However, this is a digital keyboard and has 80 demo songs, 960 tones, 200 rhythms, built-in stereo speakers, and more. It even has a USB connection that allows you to connect to different apps and programs, and a headphone jack so you can play without disturbing the whole household. There’s a teaching function that’ll help beginners learn the basics, making this a great piano for older kids and adults who want to learn.

    Keep in mind: This one is very pricey compared to the other options on the list, but it’s also the most realistic with a full piano setup, so it’ll last a lifetime.

    Good for: Older kids and adults who want to play a real piano, but need something that doesn’t take up too much space in their house.

    LAGRIMA Digital Piano, 88 Keys Electric Keyboard Piano

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Best Overall

RockJam Keyboard Piano w/ Touch Display Kit

The RockJam Keyboard Piano w/ Touch Display Kit is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

RockJam Keyboard Piano w/ Touch Display Kit

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FAQs about Kids’ Pianos

  • 1. What are the benefits of getting a kids’ piano?

    Playing any instrument can be a lot of fun, but it also gives your child plenty of benefits as well. It improves concentration and focus, fine motor skills, hearing abilities, memorization skills, math ability, and more. The piano is a great way to improve emotional intelligence and find a hobby that your child can enjoy for the rest of their life.

  • 2. What’s the best age for kids to learn the keyboard or piano?

    There’s no specific age that’s the best to start learning to play the piano. If your child is interested in learning, or you want them to learn, you can start whenever you think they’re ready. There are many toy pianos and keyboards that are designed specifically for toddlers.

    Younger players will need smaller keyboards with fewer keys to start. As they grow and become more skilled, you can upgrade them to larger keyboards with more keys.

  • 3. How many keys should I get for my child?

    As previously mentioned, the number of keys will depend on your child’s age and skill level. Beginners who are interested in learning the instrument should have at least 49 keys so that it accommodates two-handed play. However, toddlers can get away with fewer keys until they’re old enough to really focus.

    A standard keyboard piano has 88 keys and there are plenty of options in between these two sizes. If you want a keyboard piano that’ll last, the bigger the better so there’s room to grow.

  • 4. Do I need to get my child piano lessons?

    This will depend on your child’s interest and skill level. Toddlers who are playing on toys can learn some of the basics from apps like ABC Music. Older kids can use apps like Piano Maestro, which provides digital piano lessons. These are great ways to start out and see if your child has any potential and will enjoy the hobby long term. If they do, then you can decide on whether you want to get them actual piano lessons.

  • 5. What’s the difference between a keyboard and a digital piano?

    Digital pianos usually have the full 88 weighted keys, just like a regular piano. They’re a nice alternative to an acoustic piano if you want a different sound. These are the most similar to a piano and a great way to start your child learning on something that doesn’t take up as much space in your house.

    On the other hand, a keyboard is very portable and includes extra features. While they often have an acoustic piano sound option, they’ll also have plenty of other sound options, including rhythmical accompaniments and drum rhythms. They often have built-in songs, too. Keep in mind that the sound quality won’t be as realistic as a digital piano.


A kids’ piano is a great way to get your child interested in music. Whether they’re just playing around for fun or really interested in learning the basics, a keyboard piano can help your child learn concentration and focus. With all the educational benefits and skill development going on, there’s no reason not to let your child experiment with this instrument.

No matter your child’s age or skill level, you should be able to find an option that suits your child’s needs on this list.