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PonyCycle Ride-On Horse – Honest Review by Parents (2024)

Boy and girl ride-on horse
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The PonyCycle ride-on horse is such a great toy that encourages your kiddo to explore imaginative and physical play, both of which, as mamas know, are extremely beneficial for a child’s development. They get their little bodies moving and fine-tune their coordination while they have fun riding and playing make-believe on their horses.

Let me tell you, our kids, Aurora and Kingsley, come up with endless pretend scenarios with their PonyCycles. They play with it almost every day without getting bored of it (I know, a miracle!).

ride-on horse pony-cycle
Aurora LOVES riding her PonyCycle

What is the PonyCycle and Why Your Kids (and You) Will Love It

  • Baby Toddler Family - Asher Adult PonycycleThe PonyCycle is a ride-on stuffed horse that comes in three different sizes for ages three to seven and up. Our five-and-a-half-year-old son loves his brown horse and our three-and-a-half-year-old daughter adores her white unicorn. Since the kiddos love them so much, we went ahead and bought the largest size so that they can grow into it. Even adults can ride the largest PonyCycle! My husband got a kick out of riding the size five PonyCycle alongside our kiddos and their PonyCycles.

    The horse-style PonyCycle comes in three different colors that will excite any little horse-lover. For the kiddos that prefer more exotic animals, there is an awesome zebra PonyCycle and a magical unicorn PonyCycle to get their imaginations going!

    Ponycycle SizesThe PonyCycle is super easy for kids to use. They just push the pedal pads with their feet and off they go! It’s simple for them to steer left and right and even around in circles. Our kids love riding together because they can race each other, avoid obstacles, and really take their imaginations to the limit. When they want to slow down they tell their horses “woahhh” and with the hand brake, their horses “listen” and come to a safe, gradual stop. It is 100% kid-powered, no batteries necessary, so it’s a great way to get them moving and having fun inside or outside.

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Key Features

Ride-On Horse PonycycleKid safety and fun are at the heart of the PonyCycle design. This innovative toy has several features to ensure the kids stay safe and have the best experience while having fun on their pony.

  • The saddle seat is soft and cushioned so my kids can sit comfortably as they ride their pony while they bounce up and down (tirelessly, it seems).
  • Both my kiddos are easily able to use the hand brake. I’ve noticed when they press the brake, it brings the PonyCycle to a safe, gentle stop.
  • The PonyCycle wheels don’t roll backwards so the PonyCycle can’t roll away by itself which is super helpful when my kids decide to leave it in random places in the house or outside.
  • The unique pedal stirrups are what make the PonyCycle kid-powered and sets it apart from electric ride-on toys. I know my kids are getting great exercise by having to continually push the pedals with their feet to keep their pony galloping.
  • At the push of a button my kids can hear their pony neigh and gallop with real, life-like sounds that get them excited every time.

First-Hand Experience/Why We Love It

Why We Love The PonycycleOur kiddos absolutely love this toy. It really sparks creative play and keeps them entertained longer than any other toy (that alone is worth its weight in gold).

The PonyCycle in its varying sizes is accessible to both our kids. It’s easy for three-year-olds and up to get on and ride all by themselves (with adult supervision of course). It’s highly maneuverable so kids get a kick out of riding around the house and avoiding furniture and other objects in their horses’ path. If they happen to run into something, no harm done since the PonyCycle is a soft, stuffed animal, so your furniture is safe (cue a sigh of relief).

Girls and boys alike love the PonyCycle. Both Aurora and Kingsley love playing with and treating the PonyCycle like it’s one of our pets. They play make-believe by feeding their horses and taking them into the “stable” (aka the laundry room).

How to Best Use the PonyCycle

  • Zebra PonycycleWe have found the PonyCycle works best on smooth flat surfaces such as marble, tile, linoleum, or hardwood floors. It can also be used on carpet and smooth, paved roads. Similar to a bike, when ridden on uneven surfaces or if turns are made too abruptly, chances of tipping over are more likely.

    Not only do our kids love to ride on the PonyCycle, but it’s also a giant stuffed animal so they have fun making up games with it like any other plush animal. It’s such a versatile toy and I think that’s why they love it so much.

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Pros & Cons

Although the PonyCycle is a household favorite, there are important factors to consider when deciding what toy is best for your child. Here are some pros and cons we’ve noticed after logging lots of playtime hours with the PonyCycle.



  • The quality is outstanding. Unlike most other toys, the PonyCycle was built to last.
  • It gets the kids active. In order to ride the PonyCycle the kids need to keep moving. They will use their legs and feet to push the pedals to power the pony and they’ll get exercise without even realizing it.
  • It’s a versatile toy. Not only is it rideable, it’s also a stuffed animal that encourages creative play with our little ones.
  • It promotes independent play. While adult supervision is advised, the PonyCycle is very kid friendly and ages three and up have no problems getting on and off and riding the pony by themselves. At three-and-a-half, our youngest one gets on and rides the PonyCycle all by herself.
  • Boys and girls love it. This is a toy that is loved by both our boy and girl. There is even a unicorn version for any little unicorn lovers.
  • It comes in three sizes. Depending on the age and size of your child there is a PonyCycle that fits them. We already went ahead and got the large PonyCycle so that the kids can grow into it since they love it so much.


  • The high price point can be a stretch for many people.
  • It can tip over when riding on uneven surfaces or if a sharp turn is made when riding fast.
  • Sometimes the button that plays the horse sounds doesn’t work when pushed.
  • It can leave marks on wooden floors if brakes are pushed suddenly.

Watch the PonyCycle in action!

FAQs about the PonyCycle Ride-On Horse

  • 1. Is the PonyCycle safe?

    ride on pony cycle horse

    Yes, the PonyCycle is safe. It’s built with non-toxic materials and is safe and reliable for your children to ride. The design is sturdy and the hand brake gently slows the PonyCycle down to a complete stop. Like a bike, it’s possible to fall off if playing recklessly, but unlike a bike, it has four wheels and is very sturdy. It’s also safe for your furniture almost all of the PonyCycle is a soft, plush material.

  • 2. Is the PonyCycle for adults?

    Yes! The large PonyCycle can be used by adults. My husband has tried it out for himself and had a blast with the kids. If you want to ride alongside your little ones, the size 5 PonyCycle will support up to 176 pounds. It works perfectly as an adult PonyCycle, and if your children outgrow the smaller ones, they’ll always be able to ride this one!

  • 3. Where can my child ride the PonyCycle?

    outdoor ride-on horse

    The PonyCycle can be ridden indoors on tile, marble, linoleum, carpet, and hardwood floors and outdoors on roads and sidewalks. We personally don’t have wood floors, but it’s advised that when riding on hardwood floors not to use the break as this could cause friction between the wheels and the floor and leave a mark. As you can see in the photo, our kiddos love taking their PonyCycles outside to ride on the driveway.

  • 4. Is the PonyCycle easy to use?

    The PonyCycle is kid-powered and kid-friendly. Children three years old and up should be able to ride the pony independently. Both of our kiddos are able to use their PonyCycles independently.

  • 5. Is the PonyCycle for girls or boys?

    boy and girl ride-on horse

    The PonyCycle is a unisex toy, both our son and daughter love it! They can choose between a chocolate, brown, or black horse and even a unicorn and a zebra. We have a brown horse and a larger unicorn. Kingsley and Aurora love to use both and will take turns riding them. As you can see, Kingsley hopped on the unicorn and he loves its bigger size. No matter your child’s preference, there is a PonyCycle that they will love to ride.

  • 6. What ages can ride the PonyCycle?

    The PonyCycle comes in three sizes made for ages three and up. It supports up to 175 pounds so even my husband was able to take it for a spin!

  • 7. What is the difference between the Model U and Model K PonyCycle?

    Model K Ponycycle

    The Model U and Model K PonyCycles function the same. They are both kid-powered and do not require batteries. The difference between the two is that the Model K is the premium model with a higher-end finish and appearance. Both are incredibly well-made. The quality of the PonyCycle means that it will stand the test of time, no matter which model you choose.


  • If you want to get your kiddos a toy that they won’t get tired of then we can’t recommend the PonyCycle enough. We love that it’s different from a lot of toys in the way it gets our kids moving and using their imagination. It’s a versatile toy that can be used for indoor and outdoor fun. We think it’s great how children of all ages can easily ride it and are really impressed by the quality of the design and the material. The PonyCycle is a toy that our children will continue to love playing with for years to come and we know that yours will too.

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