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7 Best Toddler Bed Rails (2024 Reviews)

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Transitioning your little one from a crib into a toddler bed is a huge step. It can be a stressful time as you move your child from the safe cocoon of a crib into the open sides of a toddler bed. Luckily, installing a toddler bed rail can put both you and your child at ease knowing that he or she is protected from any dangerous falls throughout the night. Parents and caregivers can sleep soundly without the worry of nighttime mishaps. With bed rails that easily fold down or can be slid to the side, you can begin to foster your toddlers; independence by allowing them to freely climb in and out of their beds when necessary. With various styles to choose from, such as extra-long mesh rails to soft-sided bumpers, you can ensure there is a bed rail or bumper that perfectly fits your toddler’s needs.

Best Toddler Bed Rails

  • 1. Totcraft Universal Toddler Bed Rail Guards

    (Best universal option — $$)

    Why it’s great: The Totcraft Universal Toddler Bed Rail Guards works on any type of bed that has slats, box spring, or wooden base. Made from nontoxic materials, both the metal rods and mesh fabric are safe for your toddler to sleep near. The instructional video makes installation a breeze while the fold-down capabilities allow your tot to get in and out of bed easily.

    Keep in mind: If you opt for the longer sized bed rail, it can be difficult for a toddler to fold the rail up and down independently due to its size.

    Good for: Parents who want to use this toddler bed rail on various types and styles of bed.

    Totcraft Universal Toddler Bed Rail Guards

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  • 2. hiccapop Convertible Crib Toddler Bed Rail Guard with Reinforced Anchor Safety

    (Safest anchoring system — $)

    Why it’s great: Firmly anchored to the bed with steel clamps, the hiccapop Convertible Crib Toddler Bed Rail Guard with Reinforced Anchor Safety prioritizes safety over everything else. This bed rail is designed with a simple, intuitive, and stress-free installation so you can have peace of mind without the hassle of putting pieces together. Free of lead and phthalates, this bed rail passes all federal safety regulations.

    Keep in mind: Due to the place of the clips that secure the bed rail, there may be small bumps felt under the mattress.

    Good for: Parents who prioritize safety first.

    hiccapop Convertible Crib Toddler Bed Rail Guard with Reinforced Anchor Safety

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  • 3. Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard

    (Best swing down style — $)

    Why it’s great: The patented swing down design of the Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard allows this guardrail to pivot down and out of the way when entering or exiting the bed. It also makes changing the sheets a breeze! There are no tools required for installation and the mesh cover is machine washable, making set-up and maintenance simple and user-friendly. The anchoring strap further connects the bedrail to the twin to queen size bed.

    Keep in mind: This bed rail is designed for toddlers in a twin size, full size, or queen size bed, not a standard crib size mattress or toddler bed frame.

    Good for: Parents looking for toddlers to be able to swing the bed rail up and down independently.

    Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard

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  • 4. Summer Double Safety Bed Rail

    (Best two pack — $$)

    Why it’s great: Minimal assembly required, the Summer Double Safety Bed Rail is ready to use almost immediately. The two small knobs on one of the arms of the bedrail push up to fold the rail downward. This bed rail also meets all current ASTM F2085 bedrail standards.

    Keep in mind: This bed rail does not install correctly if your bed has wooden slats. Use only on a platform bed or a bed with a mattress and a box spring.

    Good for: Toddlers who’s beds are not up against one wall and need both sides protected.

    Summer Double Safety Bed Rail

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  • 5. Shinnwa Toddler Bed Rail Bumpers

    (Best soft bumper option — $$)

    Why it’s great: Unlike a metal frame, these CertiPUR-US certified foam bed bumpers offer a soft support to ensure toddlers do not fall out of bed. The Shinnwa Toddler Bed Rail Bumpers non-slip fabric is breathable and machine washable. These bed rails can fit on nearly all bed types and styles, from toddler sized to king sized mattresses. Simply take the bumpers out of the vacuum sealed packaging and slide them under a fitted sheet.

    Keep in mind: These bumpers are smaller than a bed rail and are better suited for an older toddler or a bed that’s lower to the ground.

    Good for: Parents looking for a soft bumper option rather than a metal bed rail.

    Shinnwa Toddler Bed Rail Bumpers

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  • 6. Cosie Covers Premium Bed Rail with Cover for Toddlers

    (Best option with storage pocket — $$)

    Why it’s great: ASTM certified safe, the Cosie Covers Premium Bed Rail with Cover for Toddlers is both functional and fashionable. Designs for a box with slats or a box spring, this bed rail requires no tools for its simple installation. Both the mesh cover and decorative cover are machine washable.

    Keep in mind: The thick bed rail cover is less breathable than the mesh alone.

    Good for: Toddlers who want to keep books or stuffed animals close by in the bed rail for easy access.

    Cosie Covers Premium Bed Rail with Cover for Toddlers

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  • 7. Dream On Me Mesh Security Rail

    (Best budget option — $)

    Why it’s great: Lightweight and portable, the Dream On Me Mesh Security Rail can easily travel with you and your toddler. The lightweight reinforced anchor system and stabilizer bar guarantee your child’s safety. Plus, this bed rail has rounded, no-catch edges to prevent any injuries.

    Keep in mind: This bed rail does not fold down. Your toddler will need to climb in and out of bed around the guard rail.

    Good for: Parents looking for a wallet-friendly bed rail.

    Dream On Me Mesh Security Rail

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Best Overall

Totcraft Universal Toddler Bed Rail Guards

The Totcraft Universal Toddler Bed Rail Guards is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

Totcraft Universal Toddler Bed Rail Guards

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FAQs about Toddler Bed Rails

  • 1. What should I look for in a toddler bed rail?

    When looking to purchase a bed rail, make sure it fits correctly with your sleeping set-up so there is no gap between the rail and mattress where your child could get caught. The bed rial must attach firmly to the bed, either connecting to the bed frame or held in place by the mattress or fitted sheet. A breathable fabric, such as mesh, is best for younger toddlers, while an older toddler might enjoy having a storage pocket available on their guard rail. If pushed against a wall, typically only one bed rail is necessary. If your toddler bed is in the center of a room, a two-pack would work best so both sides provide a safety barrier.

  • 2. At what ages does my toddler need a toddler bed rail?

    A toddler or child should continue to use a bed rail until they have a better sense of where they are when asleep. This is typically for toddlers aged two until the age of five.

  • 3. How do I know which bed rail is right for our toddler bed?

    Before purchasing a toddler bed rail, determine the dimensions and style of bed you’ll be using to guarantee you order a proper fitting bed rail model. Follow the manufacturer’s guidance on how to install the bed rail correctly. If a bed rail does not fit snugly, it is not safe to use. Be sure to select a bed rail that is designed for toddlers and the age range of the child you are buying it for.

  • 4. Are toddler bed rails safe to use?

    To ensure the safety of a toddler bed rail, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s exact instructions when installing toddler bed rails on your child’s bed. There should be no gap between the bed rail and mattress to ensure a toddler does not get stuck in the space between. Bed rails should only be used if the child can get in and out of bed independently. Make sure to use a toddler bed rail or bumper designed specifically for children and meets all current safety standards.

  • 5. How do I know my toddler is ready to move from the crib to a bed with rails?

    A toddler is ready to move to a toddler bed from their crib when the crib is no longer a safe sleeping space, which can happen when a toddler is big enough to climb out of the crib. It may also be a personal preference to move a child to his or her own bed as long as the room is child-proofed. Make sure the new sleeping arrangement is a safe space for your toddler, including bed rails designed for their type of bed.


Moving your toddler into a toddler bed with bed rails can be a daunting transition and a sure sign that your sweet baby is growing up. By choosing a well-fitted bed rail that works with your specific toddler bed set-up, you can sleep confidently knowing your little one is snoozing safely and comfortably. With a number of options and styles to choose from, you can determine with a bed rail or bumper that works best for your family’s sleeping arrangements. While leaving the crib behind may tug on your heartstrings, providing your little one with a newfound means of independence is sure to leave you both happy and well-rested.