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7 Best Hair Ties & Rubber Bands for Toddler Hair (2024 Reviews)

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Taming toddler hair is one of the surprising challenges of parenting that no one really prepares you for. Having some high-quality elastics on hand can make life a lot easier when your little one has long wispy hair that just won’t stay out of their eyes. In this article we will list some of our favorite hair ties and rubber bands that are cute and functional for toddler hair.

Best Hair Ties & Rubber Bands for Toddler Hair

  • 1. Youxuan Mini Hair Elastics for Girls

    (Best for fine hair — $)

    Why it’s great: These hair elastics are transparent yet colorful and are small, making them perfect for fine hair, pigtails, and braids. They will work well for any color toddler hair and they’re cute and stylish. With a convenient package that offers a zip lock top, you can easily take these elastics with you on the go.

    Keep in mind: Because these elastics are small and thin they could break easily.

    Good for: Thin hair, pigtails, and braids.

    Youxuan Mini Hair Elastics for Girls

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  • 2. Ammy Store Cartoon Hair Ties

    (Most colorful — $$)

    Why it’s great: These cartoon hair ties are probably the most fun option on this list. With cartoon characters ranging from flowers to dinosaurs to avocados and beyond, most little girls will fall in love with these hair ties at first sight. This value pack comes with 50 pieces, each character comes in pairs so you can use these for a cute pigtail style or simply use them on their own for a ponytail or braid.

    Keep in mind: These are wider hair bands so they are better for older toddlers with thicker hair.

    Good for: Thicker toddler and older kid hair.

    Ammy Store Cartoon Hair Ties

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  • 3. Ronger2000 Baby Hair Ties with Bows

    (Best for baby girls — $)

    Why it’s great: These hair ties with bows are the perfect accessory for toddler girls. These two-inch hair ties come in 20 different colors to match any outfit and work great for toddlers or babies who happen to have a lot of hair. These hair ties can work well for thin or thick hair, offering a versatile and colorful accessory for little girls.

    Keep in mind: These bows could pose a choking hazard so always supervise babies when they have these in their hair.

    Good for: Baby and toddler girls.

    Ronger2000 Baby Hair Ties with Bows

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  • 4. BEoffer Store Toddler/Baby Hair Ties

    (Best variety pack — $)

    Why it’s great: This 300-piece variety pack offers a mix of soft elastic hair ties in colorful hues as well as black. This package also includes hair ties of varying sizes meaning they can work well for many different hair types and follow your toddler into their older kid years. With 11 different colors, you won’t run out of options and you’ll be able to match these to any outfit.

    Keep in mind: These fabric hair ties are not clear like some of the others.

    Good for: Offering a variety of color and size options.

    BEoffer Store Toddler/Baby Hair Ties

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  • 5. Qarwayoc Black Seamless Baby Hair Ties

    (Best for darker hair — $)

    Why it’s great: These soft, black seamless hair ties are great for darker hair and you won’t have to worry about them getting tangled up or pulling on your little one’s hair. Black hair ties are great because they’re versatile and sure to go with just about any outfit. These hair ties are durable yet soft so they’ll last a while and they’re suitable for thick, curly, or fine hair.

    Keep in mind: These hair ties only come in one size.

    Good for: Holding pack toddler hair without pulling on it.

    Qarwayoc Black Seamless Baby Hair Ties

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  • 6. MORGLES Store Pom Pom Hair Ties

    (Most unique — $$)

    Why it’s great: The MORGLES Store Pom Pom hair ties are cute, colorful, and fun. Toddler girls are likely to love these hair ties that come in eight different colors and are in pairs, so they’re perfect to use for pigtails. With a larger band, these hair ties are great for older kids with a more full head of hair or toddlers with thick or curly hair.

    Keep in mind: These pompom hair ties are made using synthetic fur.

    Good for: Thick or curly hair.

    MORGLES Store Pom Pom Hair Ties

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  • 7. Teenitor Store Multi Color Hair Elastics

    (Most colorful — $)

    Why it’s great: These multi colored hair elastics come in a high quantity so you’ll be stocked up for a while and won’t have to worry about the inevitable few that will get lost. This 2000-piece container comes in bright, multicolored hues and offers small elastic bands that are great for toddler and baby hair.

    Keep in mind: These are disposable hair ties that are designed to be single-use.

    Good for: Holding back thin baby hairs.

    Teenitor Store Multi Color Hair Elastics

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Best Overall

Youxuan Mini Hair Elastics for Girls

The Youxuan Mini Hair Elastics for Girls is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

Youxuan Mini Hair Elastics for Girls

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FAQs about Hair Ties & Rubber Bands

  • 1. Are hair ties safe for toddlers and babies?

    Understandably, safety would be a concern for parents who decide to pull back their baby or toddler’s hair with hair ties. In general, it is perfectly safe for babies and toddlers to wear hair accessories, however, you will always want to be sure that they are well supervised when doing so. Some babies may not mind having their hair pulled back with a hair tie and will just leave it alone, whereas others may try to pull the hair tie out. If your child doesn’t seem to tolerate hair ties well, this may just mean that they aren’t ready for them yet. Small hair ties can pose as a choking hazard if your child chooses to pull it out and put it in their mouth. It is important to pay attention to the way your child reacts to having a hair tie in their hair, if they seem to not like it, it’s probably best to wait until they’re old enough to tolerate it.

  • 2. How can I tie back toddler hair?

    Most parents can attest to the fact that styling toddler hair is not always the easiest task. Hair ties are a great way to pull back toddler hair into a ponytail, braid or pigtails. Every child will be a little different though so it is important to simply figure out what works best for yours! If your child’s hair is still growing in and they seem to have a lot of hair in the front that hangs down in their face, you may want to try doing a small ponytail with just the front hairs or try doing some pigtails. As your child’s hair grows in and gets longer, it will become easier to figure out what styles work best for them.

  • 3. What type of hair ties are the least damaging for toddler hair?

    Some parents are concerned that hair ties could damage their child’s hair. Indeed, using rough rubber bands to tightly pull back your child’s fine baby hairs could potentially cause some damage. However, most hair ties that are sold for babies and toddlers are designed to prevent this type of damage. If your child has particularly sensitive hair or a sensitive scalp, you’ll want to use softer hair ties made from fabric and make sure to only tie their hair back loosely. If your child doesn’t like having their hair pulled back, they may try to pull at the hair ties so, it is important to make sure that your child is old enough to tolerate having their hair pulled back before styling it in this way.

  • 4. Which hair ties work the best for toddler hair?

    Every child is a little different so it may be helpful to test out some of the different options before you land on the ideal type of hair tie for your child’s hair. If your child has very thin, delicate hair, you’ll want to go with one of the gentler options and opt for hair ties that are smaller so that they will actually hold back the hair without damaging it. If your child has thicker or curlier hair, you’ll want to try something more durable and heavy-duty such as a thicker fabric hair tie.

  • 5. At what age is it safe to use hair ties on toddlers and babies?

    The answer to this question really depends on your child’s tolerance for having their hair pulled back. If you have a younger toddler or baby who doesn’t mind having hair ties in their hair then it is perfectly safe, however you’ll still want to supervise them just in case they decide to pull it out. Typically, toddlers have outgrown the stage of putting random items in their mouths by about 3 or 4 and are knowledgeable enough to not be at risk of choking on a hair tie. Every child is different though so you’ll want to gauge this by observing your child’s maturity level.


Obviously, you should never be in a hurry for your child to grow up but the older they get, the more fun you get to have with them in a lot of ways – and styling their hair is no exception! Whether you have a little girl or boy whose wispy toddler hair keeps hanging in their face, having some high-quality hair ties on hand is never a bad idea. Not to mention, you can make it fun by incorporating colorful quirky hair ties into your toddler’s everyday style!