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21 Best Summer Activities For Toddlers At Home (2024)

Kingsley and Aurora playing
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Summer is finally getting here! Are you looking for ways to keep the fun going while staying home with your toddler? Check out this complete list! We share the best activities for you to do at home so everyday can feel like summer vacation!
We cover practically everything. From fun learning and educational ideas, to indoor activities for rainy days, to recreating summer destinations in your backyard. These activities are unique, engaging and easy on the wallet too!

We also list 7 free summer activities for toddlers near the bottom of the page that won’t cost a cent.

Aurora with hose at 10 months
Our toddler, Aurora, playing with a garden hose! :)

21 Engaging Summer Activities For Toddler

  • 1. Toddler Workbooks

    Send your toddler to summer school with these fun workbooks! Perfect for kids ages 1-3 your toddler will gain basic knowledge of their numbers, letters, shapes and colors! Every page is filled with age appropriate activities that are engaging and will keep their interest.

    Toddler Workbooks

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  • 2. Baby Shark Flash Cards

    What toddler doesn’t like Baby Shark? Spend a day in the ocean and let the beloved sea creature teach your child all about letters! Kids will enjoy playing learning games like alphabet bingo, I-spy, slapjack memory, and ABC puzzles.

    Baby Shark Flash Cards

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  • 3. Number Counting Fishing Puzzle

    Fishing is a fun summer activity! Puzzles offer so many opportunities to learn. This puzzle helps with number identification and counting skills! Your child will enjoy putting numbers in the correct spot and count the rings that go with the number. For an added element of fun use the magnetic fishing pole to fish for numbers!

    Number Counting Fishing Puzzle

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  • 4. Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

    Toddlers learn so much through play! Pretend to go for a hike and use this game to teach color matching, counting, turn taking and following directions. Kids have no idea they are learning though, they are just having fun playing!

    Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

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  • 5. Bright and Sunny Jigsaw Puzzles

    These colorful puzzles add summer fun as your toddler works on fine motor skills. Cute butterflies, bees, and ladybugs are just some of the new friends kiddos can meet in this 6 puzzle set.

    Jigsaw Puzzles

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  • 6. Musical Parade Set

    Summer is a time for parades. Have your own parade with this instrument set. Your toddler can march with drums, tambourines, shakers and more! Build musical and rhythm skills with this fun kit.

    Musical Parade Set

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  • 7. Catch The Fish!

    Get out the net and count your fish! Whether in the tub or in the kiddie pool this fun counting activity will help your toddler feel like a big fisher! This game comes with an easy to hold net and brightly colored fish.

    Catch The Fish

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  • 8. Juggling Scarves

    Who doesn’t love going to the fair in the summer? There is so much to see and do. Like jugglers! Toddlers can juggle and do tricks with this fun scarf set. Add a fun twist to your next dance party too. Dance and twirl with the colorful scarves or try to see how many times you can toss and catch the scarves.

    Juggling Scarves

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  • 9. Ring Toss

    Ring toss is a popular carnival game. Your toddler will have a day at the fair playing this child friendly ring toss game. Practice this at home to perfect your skills and your child can bring home the big prize from the real fair!

    Ring Toss

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  • 10. Merry-Go-Round

    No trip to the fair is complete without a ride on the merry-go-round! Let your child have the ride of his or her life at home with the classic Sit-N-Spin! They will have tons of fun!


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  • 11. Sno-Cone Maker

    Enjoy an at-home carnival with a classic treat…sno-cones! This sno-cone maker will give your toddler a refreshing and yummy treat which is perfect for consuming on a hot day outdoors! Your little one will no doubt have a lot of fun helping to make these.

    Sno-Cone Maker

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  • 12. Backyard Splash Pad

    Can’t get to the splash pad? Have things on hand for your own! There are tons of water play ideas to set-up at home. This kiddie pool and sprinkler all-in-one is perfect for toddlers. Splash and play in the shallow pool or run through the water spray that circles around the pool!

    Backyard Splash Pad

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  • 13. Practice T Ball

    This little T Ball set from Little Tikes is the ideal way to introduce your toddler to baseball. It encourages outdoor play and promotes hand-eye coordination through both hitting the ball and catching it. Your tot can play with it alone with you or with siblings and friends.

    Practice T Ball

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  • 14. Backyard Games Set

    Have your own backyard party with this fun backyard game set that’s toddler friendly. Scoop balls, pickleball, and soft slingshots are some of the things your toddler can play. Easy to handle for small hands and bright colors makes this a fun activity for young kids.

    Backyard Games Set

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  • 15. Nature Exploration

    Go on a hike at home! Collect bugs with the bug catcher. Get an up close look at rocks and sticks with magnifying glass. Your nature lover will see their yard in a whole new way!

    Nature Exploration

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  • 16. Indoor BBQ

    Your toddler can whip up a delicious indoor BBQ with this fun play set. Hotdogs, burgers, corn on the cob and all of the grilling tools needed will help your little one become a grilling master!

    Indoor BBQ

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  • 17. Indoor Camping

    Don’t worry about rain or bugs with this fun camping set. Your toddler can get the full camping experience with this play campfire, smores, and marshmallow roasting set. Build a tent with some blankets for the full effect!

    Indoor Camping

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  • 18. Indoor Mini Golf

    Your toddler can have their own tee time from the comfort of home with this fun golf set! Comes with toddler sized clubs, caddy, balls and putting hole. Set up your own course with cups or bowls.

    Indoor Mini Golf

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  • 19. Ladybugs Everywhere!

    Teach your toddler that ladybugs are a garden’s best friend! This fun counting, match, and sorting game offers a hands on experience with this cute ladybug set. These wooden bugs are inspired by Montessori style learning are a fun way to introduce mathematical ideas.

    Ladybugs Everywhere!

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  • 20. Playdough Ice Cream Treats

    Nothing says summer like ice cream! Your toddler can open up their own ice cream shop as they whip up frozen treats with this playdough set! Create sundaes, cones, and popsicles with the tools included.

    Playdough Ice Cream Treats

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  • 21. Grow Your Own Garden

    Summer is a time to tend to your garden. Get your toddler involved with this fun pretend garden building set. Your child can create different flowers over and over again. Every garden is a new creation.

    Grow Your Own Garden

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7 Free Summer Activities For Toddlers

  • 1. Water Balloon Toss

    Fill up some water balloons and have a little water balloon toss or water fight! A quick and easy way to cool off without having to go swimming. Your little one will have hours of fun doing this with you or a friend/sibling. Bonus points: learn how to make a water balloon out of paper with origami. Our little one loved doing this recently!

  • 2. Obstacle Course

    Create your own obstacle course for toddlers with almost anything you have in your yard. Crawl under lawn chairs, jump over a box, run around cones. Arrange the obstacle course in your yard and switch things around. Your child will be the next ninja warrior!

  • 3. Ball Toss Knockdown

    Stack-up cups in towers and pyramids and see how many balls it takes to knock it down! Alternatively you can arrange some paper cups or other similar objects in a row like ten pin bowling and then have fun rolling a ball at them to see how many you can smash in one go.

  • 4. Homemade Bubble Soap

    Make your own bubble soap at home! Simply mix 6 cups of water with 1 cup of dish soap and a ¼ cup of corn syrup. Create your wands with string tied to sticks to get different shaped bubbles. This will be messy so it’s ideal to play outside in the summer sun.

  • 5. Coffee Filter Flowers

    Color a coffee filter with markers and spray it with water. After it dries, twist the pipe cleaner around the bottom for the stem and your toddler will have a beautiful flower.

  • 6. Classic Active Games

    If you have enough kids at home start a fun game of Duck Duck Goose! Other classic games for toddlers include Ring Around The Rosie, Red Light Green Light and Simon Says.

  • 7. Animal Circus Parade

    Decorate a wagon or tricycle and fill it with your toddler’s favorite animal friends for your next walk. It will be a fun circus parade through your neighborhood!


Toddlers can have the best summer ever with these at-home ideas! This complete list of activities gives you many hours of fun with your child. Check out some of these great ideas and your toddler will have a blast!